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   BF4:  vs. ReZDec 14th 20:309 : 16 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. V2Dec 5th 22:001 : 11 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. ReZNov 30th 20:30162 : 66 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. ReZNov 23rd 20:000 : 1 » details [0 ]

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Dedicated Server  [Clan News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Fri Sep 26 (142 reads)
I have rented a dedicated server from NFO for the upcoming release of Il2.

We should be able to host 4 or more game servers depending on our hardware. If you are interested in setting up a server let me know and I will try my best.

This is at no cost to CKA as I want to test the IL2 server's + any other's and see what it can handle. Then we can discuss if this is what CKA would like.

Current specs (I can upgrade at any time for no additional set-up cost)

Four core: Perfect for 4-12 game servers or many sites.
Four full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better)
4096 MB of RAM
400 GB of RAID-protected storage
8000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

Chicago based IP = There are also 4 other ip's reserved for this box.
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Battlefield Hardline Info Leaked  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Wed May 28 (262 reads)
Leaked video: (might be taken down)
If video its taken down, here is an MP4!pI8CSRaJ!OVhVvDykzkSAw-Ak39QCbsyspqcQq-Dm7d623YKzPQc

animated gifs here:
Teaser website:

fuck yah!
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ISS live stream  [Events]
Posted by Pyra_cantha on Wed May 07 (320 reads)
So NASA has put HD cameras on the outside of the ISS and is streaming 24/h. link can be found here:

as well as an ISS tracker site here:
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BF4 Naval Strike Released on PC  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Mon Mar 31 (94 reads)
Open your Origin and start downloading!
533MB patch and 4.96GB NS DLC

Patch notes:

Updated our server to play Naval Strike maps on various game-modes.

If you haven't done so, be sure to join the CKA Platoon
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RUST Applications  [Clan News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Sun Mar 09 (540 reads)
ALL applicants are welcome, you DO NOT need to be a member or join the CKA clan to play, this is a public RUST server.

This is a Rust PvP Server.

All of our members will be given the opportunity to build and group together.
However, it is up to the members to make alliances or kill on site.
The spirit of Rust is about survival and raiding.

With that in mind everyone must have respect for other players.
Any racist or excessive foul language is not welcome on our server.



**Cheating will result in an instant BAN and you will not be welcome back, we will take the time to investigate**

**User name must remain the same. You cannot change your name unless Admin approves**

**Please report any suspected cheaters to an admin in game or post in the Steam Group Rust forum**

**Check the steam group for server announcements and server reset events**
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CKA BF4 Platoon  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sun Mar 02 (159 reads)
If you're active in BF4 please join the CKA Platoon
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Poll: !! Rust Server Wipe Vote !!  [Game News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Fri Feb 21 (250 reads)
Seams we are at that time again where the server is lagging due to all the buildings and stuff going up. I have been watching the stats and seams memory usage for this server is maxed out again.

I was planning a full on RAID like we did last time before the actual wipe so we can expend all our ammo and nades.

If we get the majority vote I will do it tonight. So lets all meet up tonight and if majority vote is for yes then we wipe!
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Battlefield 4 Second Assault arrives February 18  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Fri Feb 14 (181 reads)

So I guess lots of us will start playing some BF4 again next week!
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Second Assault  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Fri Feb 14 (31 reads)
Not sure how much I care right now but,in case anyone else does:
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Rust Server  [Game News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Thu Jan 23 (1497 reads)

Remember this game is still in Alpha so there will be server outages and problems are to be expected until a stable release.


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