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Quake Wars Demo Released  [Website News]
Posted by Canadaka on Mon Sep 10 (105 reads)
The DEMO that is... I am D\L it now and should be playing tonight... I sure hope its better than the BETA....

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Reminder: Join Xfire Clan List  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat Aug 18 (279 reads)
All =CKA= Members should join our clan profile on the Xfire website.
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New TeamSpeak IP  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Thu Aug 09 (2872 reads)
Our current Teamspeak is still running but it will probably go down soon. So I have our new one setup and we should start using it.

Rather than paying to rent another TS server I am going to try hosting it on one of my Dell Poweredge rackserver here in Vancouver. I transfered all the users and settings over to the new server, so all you should need to change is the ip.

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NEW =CKA= Battlefield Servers  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Thu Aug 09 (2295 reads)
Because pubbing in both BF2 & BF2142 has been so slow this summer we have decided to drop our dedicated server with Hypernia for the time being. But we are not without servers! I was originally just going to get 2 match servers, but after talking with Branzone for some time we are able to get 4 servers for the price of 2 basically. We will have 2 ranked servers and 2 unranked. If we want to run an unranked for a match all we have to do is turn off the ranked. The ranked/unranked will be separate servers but the same ip. This also allows us to have FTP access to the unranked servers to install mods. The ranked servers also have all expansion packs installed.

Here is the new server info:

Battlefield 2142
Port: 17567
Daemon Port: 4712

Battlefield 2
Port: 16567
Daemon Port: 4712
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New Clan Website!  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sun Aug 05 (427 reads)
I am happy to announce the new & improved =CKA= website! Not only does the site look drastically different and better, but there are loads of improvements & new features.

The sites backend was transferred to use the same backend that uses, so now we have many of the features and improvements that site has. I also spent a lot of time on the frontpage, making it actually useful and easy to read. The site should be faster, I spent lots of time tweaking things.

I am not done the new site; I still have to finish the forum design and double check all the pages of the site for problems.

I hope you all like the new look!
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Making Xfire 'Mandatory'  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat Aug 04 (319 reads)
Back in the earlier days of the clan we used Xfire a lot and it was basically mandatory. But overtime it slowly droped from usage and with BF2142 and the buddy system it pretty much died off for us.

But I think we sould get back into using it and it should be mandatory for any member of =CKA= who wants to be active.

BF2142 is not the dominant game anymore, some people are back into BF2 more, or playing other various games, and Quake Wars is coming as well.. not sure if there is a buddy system in that.

We are a gaming community, sure the clan part is focused on competing in matches, but a bigger part is just playing games together as a group and having fun. So using Xfire makes it much easier to join up with fellow clan members and see what people are playing.

It is also a very usefull tool for matches,. If we are short people and everyone is using Xfire, we can message anyone online and ask if they can play in a match.

So I would like to see all CKA members have Xfire running as much as possible. Everyone should also join the Clan on the Xfire website. This is much better than trying to maintain a list on our website in a forum thread. If you join the clan on the xfire website, it shows all other members in a grouping in your xfire list.

Join here:
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New Highway Tampa BF2 Map  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Wed Aug 01 (272 reads)
Anyone heard of this? I just got a newsletter from EA.
When I have time tonight I will install this map on our server and run it 24/7 Maybe get some pubbing going for a little while.

Great news, the Highway Tampa Map is now out of beta and available for download!
We have developed an all new map for Battlefield 2 and it is ready for action.
Highway Tampa is the most vehicle intensive map released to date, controlling the land in this huge map is crucial for victory. Highway Tampa for Battlefield 2142 is also available as part of the beta 1.40 patch.

download link for bF2 version
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ETQW Preperation  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat May 26 (570 reads)
I added the game type and made a quick icon for Enemy Territory Quake Wars to vwar.

If someone can add the maps and such, when they find some time.
I will also add the game to our games list.

I have already emailed Hypernia about getting a server ready when the game comes out, so we should have a server up then.

I will add ETQW to the clan application form, and I guess we will be looking for some new recruits possibly.
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Quake Wars (Now Recruiting)  [Clan News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Fri May 18 (2507 reads)
Well folks looks like this game is right around the corner. Many members are looking forward to this game.

Over the next few days we will edit the recruiting section to allow for people that are interested to apply early. Also there is a Quake Wars section on our forums.

This means that we will also be looking for people that are interested in taking on administrative responsibilities.

So Drop a post in the Quake Wars section to let us know you are interested.
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New Ogame forum  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sun Mar 11 (119 reads)
Since many CKA members are now playing I created a dedicated forum for the CKA Alliance. We have 36 people so far and growing. Some are not members of the clan, but members on

So I will allow them to register to access this forum, to ask for guidance, help and future war planning.
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