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Posted by 420CanadianBacon on Tue Aug 20

Using facebook to host events is a lot easier than posting on here, but for those that DON'T have facebook, here's what the event consists of.

I have three games to give away to winners.

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition

Dead Space

and Mirrors edge.

The choice of games to play to win these games will be

BF3 Gun Master

CounterStrike: Source (on an empty gun-game server)

Or Civ5

The game that has the most people who own it, I'll safely assume that it will be battlefield 3, will be the game we play. I'm thinking that Friday August 30th would be the day, if there's anyone that can't make it I will reschedule. Just leave a comment on this thread if you're able to make it the 30th. All 3 of the games are Origin based keys, I'll pm the keys to the winners!

August 30th 7:00 PM Eastern

Link to the event on facebook:

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