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Posted by White-Shroud on Mon Aug 19

Official CKA Announcement!!
By Goatbeard and White

We've gotten organized! I am scheduling off dates, times, and details for CKA regarding the upcoming contests and events. Goat and I discussed how to streamline something we could all get behind in the next couple months as we gear up for BF4 and all the other new releases. Also, with Fall on the way I'm sure many of us are getting ready to return to CKA in force.

So, we decided to use the CKA Clan page on Facebook to manage our invites and notices to all clan members. This way we can keep track of who is attending, what events are scheduled and EVERYONE can add an event if they would like to host a game give-away or whatever.

IF YOU DO NOT USE FACEBOOK!!! Feel free to message me for details about upcoming events or make a post. Also, if you do not have the CKA Clan Page liked then you need to hop to it!

Any questions or suggestions to improve this idea is welcome, or if you have questions about how to create an event let me know.

I will be added some events on the schedule tonight. Get ready!


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