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Posted by Canadaka on Thu Aug 09

Because pubbing in both BF2 & BF2142 has been so slow this summer we have decided to drop our dedicated server with Hypernia for the time being. But we are not without servers! I was originally just going to get 2 match servers, but after talking with Branzone for some time we are able to get 4 servers for the price of 2 basically. We will have 2 ranked servers and 2 unranked. If we want to run an unranked for a match all we have to do is turn off the ranked. The ranked/unranked will be separate servers but the same ip. This also allows us to have FTP access to the unranked servers to install mods. The ranked servers also have all expansion packs installed.

Here is the new server info:

Battlefield 2142
Port: 17567
Daemon Port: 4712

Battlefield 2
Port: 16567
Daemon Port: 4712

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