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Posted by Canadaka on Sat Aug 04

Back in the earlier days of the clan we used Xfire a lot and it was basically mandatory. But overtime it slowly droped from usage and with BF2142 and the buddy system it pretty much died off for us.

But I think we sould get back into using it and it should be mandatory for any member of =CKA= who wants to be active.

BF2142 is not the dominant game anymore, some people are back into BF2 more, or playing other various games, and Quake Wars is coming as well.. not sure if there is a buddy system in that.

We are a gaming community, sure the clan part is focused on competing in matches, but a bigger part is just playing games together as a group and having fun. So using Xfire makes it much easier to join up with fellow clan members and see what people are playing.

It is also a very usefull tool for matches,. If we are short people and everyone is using Xfire, we can message anyone online and ask if they can play in a match.

So I would like to see all CKA members have Xfire running as much as possible. Everyone should also join the Clan on the Xfire website. This is much better than trying to maintain a list on our website in a forum thread. If you join the clan on the xfire website, it shows all other members in a grouping in your xfire list.

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