BF2 TWL 5v5 Season 4 Comes to an End
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Posted by Zed on Thu Jan 11

Just to wrap up the season...

4-4 regular season record.

Ranked 10th in TIER 3, 26th Overall (highest rank: 1st in TIER 3, 17th Overall)

0-1 playoff record. Lost to Tc (ranked 7th) 2-0 (we were missing two starters)

Starting Lineup was:


subs: Newfiebullet, Canadaka, x-dasick, HeavMcMast, maybe others

Overall it was a pretty fun season for all. We were stuck playing Tier 1 and 2 teams about 3 times, all loses. This really hurt our chances of a good ranking for the playoffs, probably should've been ranked in the top 5, then we would've faced off against an easier team for the first round of the playoffs.

Thanks to all who contributed, and I think we showed that we can play with the top teams (well not the tier 1 teams Razz) when we get our top players out.


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