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Renton spider looking sex toy adult toys near hanford

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Find a hobby to share with the couple, another stress?
Not a minute apart! For many couples in love there is no way to share time. In order to be together with the other person, one can go to a classical music concert when in fact he likes to rock or accept to go camping although he always detested sleeping anywhere where there was not a good bed. But when the explosive infatuation is giving way to everyday life, it is inevitable not to ask the question: Do I really have to do all this?
Some people say that the idea that couples should share their free time is very modern, since past generations had another way of seeing life in common. Before, if couples did not do something together in those free times, it had no impact on the relationship. On the contrary: it was very unusual that both had the same hobby.
However, this does not imply that the ideal is for everyone to spend their free time on their side. It is well known that precisely in those moments the memories that couples will have of their life together are generated.
That was precisely the question posed by psychologist Eva Wunderer in the framework of a long-term study that worked with 650 couples.
The "shared life activities" were ranked fifth, while the list was headed by another fundamental "ingredient": tolerance and understanding, followed by trust and an open attitude towards the other. The third place managed to conquer it ... love.
"Sharing interests is important for a couple, from now on," says Wunderer. "But hobbies do not have as much relevance as the shared values ​​and the attitudes in which both coincide," says the specialist.
The projects of life raised together also bring great strength to a relationship, whether having children or building a home. If one likes to paddle and the other does not, it is not so decisive, but it does make a difference what is the attitude one has against those tastes not shared. According to Wunderer, the crucial thing is not that couples spend the day together, but that each can tell the other what he did during the day and that the other knows how to listen with some enthusiasm.
Because, what good would it do for the two of them to go out to row if one of them is going to be protesting after 20 minutes and would rather be sitting reading on the balcony? The important thing is to share the stories of what interests the other, show interest, ask how he has gone and try to understand what he likes about what he does.
Of course, there may be a feeling that you are not sharing much time. "We never do anything together" or "we never go out together". It is a critique that can be given and must be attended to, since that lack of time is usually perceived by one of the parties as a rejection. Why does the other always prefer to go to play soccer instead of going out with his partner? In these cases, it is important that both speak openly about their needs and be heard.
The essential is, always, the formulation. Instead of "I have no desire to go splashing with you in a boat" you can say "I prefer to go to play football to have a physical activity that I can share with my friends". Forcing yourself to share an activity can be harmful to the partner in the long term.
Of course, couples can also be seen that go together everywhere. They are "symbiotic" links. But they do not always last. Sometimes, explain the professionals specialized in relationships, the bond is broken suddenly because one of the parties was repressing one of its sides. The couples, in short, must aim to ride and respect their differences.

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