me of course!

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Tony Tessone

me of course!

Post by Tony Tessone » Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:33 am

Hello. I am a fellow player of Naval Action and seeking to join this clan. I come over from the european server where I played as US. However the population dropped terribly and we were defenseless. When I bought this game I checked out spanish, french and swedish nations on TS. They all spoke their native tongue! Since I only speak english I am limited to US And British. So I've gone brit in the transfer.
I am a 63 yo father of 2 and grandfather of 5. I live in north central Arizona in a little town called Cottonwood. I am retired as I suffer from an ailment called COPD. A result of smoking 2 packs a day for many years. My ex got remarried and passed of cancer. I now see a woman here in town- actually I spend about 5 days a week there and 2 days here with my daughter and family. We are talking about moving my pc over there and making it permanent. Uhhhhh idk what else to say. Except I can't think of the name of the capital of Canada. I know its not Quebec or Montreal. Ottawa thats it! lol just came to me!
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I live here
I live here
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Post by NewfieBullet » Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:03 am

The Capital is Newfoundland !!

My Father moved to Arkansas 4 years ago, got the Razor Backs T-shirt and all.

But do no trust anyone that tells you that Newfoundland is not the Capital of Canada !!

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