Uh, hey can I come in? eh.

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Uh, hey can I come in? eh.

Post by Geosting » Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:01 pm

A. 20

S. Male

L. Vancouver, B.C.

O.- Occasional Line Cook @ Noralta Lodge, Fort McMurray
- Free-lance Artist (Traditional & Digital)

H.- Roadbiking
- Computer games (no genre preference)
- Digital Art
- Cooking

Heyo, I'm Lucky and I'm from wet an' muggy Vancouver. I'm a general gamer but I prefer Racing and Shooters. I've currently been restricted to playing games like League of Legends because my GPU in my 7 year old laptop is starting to die at lower temperatures than normal. No worries though, I'm building a new desktop that should be ready for the New Year or possibly sooner.

I do own a mic., but I barely use it since I'm mostly in the living room in my home and it's rarely/never quiet where I live. When, if ever, it is quiet in the house, it's probably because everyone is asleep... so more reason not to talk, unfortunately. I'll use push-to-talk every now and then in emergencies like if I see someone follow you into a building, ready to carve you a new one.

I never rage in or out of game; you will probably have to physically stab me or a loved one to get a "hey, wth man." Take that as a challenge. I do not cry or whine, regardless of my baby smooth skin and uncanny child-like appearance. I'm open to any and all forms of joshing, pranks, joking, horseplay, ponyplay, foreplay...

Probably the most decent forum portfolio I've ever done. Cheers.

Lucky (aka Dog)
TL;DR I like video games and I'm tolerable.
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Post by Goatbeard » Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:33 pm

Nice! I've stayed at Noralta lodge and played WOW every night when I got back from work. That was in 08 though! Welcome to the club. hop on ts when you get the chance!

Post by Geosting » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:09 pm

ahaha, I never got the luxury to really play on my computer when I was there. I had 12/7 shifts 8pm-8am for the 30 days I was there.
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