=CKA= Canada Kicks Ass Code of Conduct

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=CKA= Canada Kicks Ass Code of Conduct

Post by Fu22y_Lojik » Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:08 am

The following rules shall henceforth apply to the members of the clan Canada Kicks Ass. Failure to adhere to said rules may result in members being banned, suspended, kicked, or severely teased and picked on by other clan members. These rules apply to all clan members conducting war in organized clan matches, and in disorganized public games. In other words all members shall comport themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on the clan and follows the rules detailed on this page. They shall also learn what the word comport means.

1. No Cheating, base raping, team killing (on purpose), team kill punishing (unless it is obvious it was on purpose), or intentionally screwing teammates in games, league or otherwise. No cheating in the game, on your clan, on your wife, or the barnyard animals you keep in your room for some strange reason. Cheating is not tolerated in any way shape or form. Unless you get away with it, in which case you should feel really guilty and dirty. There is a zero tolerance policy on cheating.

2. Members shall wear the =CKA= tag at all times to promote the clan, plus it matches your shoes.

3. Irregardless of rank, age, height, or provincial affiliation, all members shall be treated with respect, dignity, and a fair amount of abuse. Abuse shall be limited to good natured ribbing, and polite parliamentarian debate. Such as, "What the junior member from Saskatchewan has regrettably failed to notice is that he is in dire need of attention from a member of the female persuasion."

4. Members must be able to take a joke. Like this one, "American beer is like making love in a canoe, it's fucking close to water. "

5 This clan is rated PG-13, if you don't like it, join another clan. We swear, spit, talk about boobies, feature boobies on our sites, and have the word ass in our name. If you don't like swearing may we recommend the Care Bears Clan.

6 If you have a beef with another member, take it into private messaging do not clutter the forums with your lovers spat. Come out after you have finished your kiss and make up.

7. There is nooooooooooo rule 7.

8. Do not break any actual laws. That includes a pirated copy of BF2. We buy the game because it is good, and it is the polite thing to do.

9. Be Canadian , this is synonymous with be polite.

10. If we pull you aside and say "Hey man, stop being a tard", take it like a man and stop being a tard.

11. There will be no double clanning with other clans that play the same games CKA plays. There is a conflict here and many ladders do not allow double clanning. If you are apart of another clan that plays a game that CKA does not, like WOW, this is acceptable.

12. Boobs are good



1) Teamspeak will be locked off so that un-registered users cannot leave the lounge - admins can move them into different channels.

2) ALL NON-GAME talk will be restricted to the lounge area. This will cut down the excessive chatter while playing the different games.

3) If you have questions, or require information - ask a member to move to a different channel - or if you cannot get them - use xfire.